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Family Matters

Toy Design

A family of toys for family Therapy

Born from the need for 3D objects in the professional therapy environment, Family Matters is a series of relatable objects for both therapists and patients.



The family consists of four characters- vague in personalities and abstract in shape, they are designed to be projected on. The four are equal but distinctively different, each leaning on aspects from familiar creatures. 


The toys can be incorporated into therapy at three different levels:


The family experience;

The family is introduces to the characters who allow, by projecting, a beginning of a conversation and an open dialoged where one does not exist, creating family interaction and connections.


The individual experience; 

Each family member can choose his own personal character and give it its own Identity. Validating the owner’s autonomy and place.


 The individual’s inner world; Using the character’s “inner organs” to describe its owner’s full range of emotions, that he or she might not be able to put into words.


 The Inner Organs 

Each of the characters has a pocket that can fit its organs. 
These small organs are made from different textiles with different colors, textures and fillings. Designed to help talk about feelings through abstract terms like shape and color


Sketches & Inspiration

For more information on this project, contact below.

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